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A welcome message from Christeen's Book Launch Director, Amber Vilhauer:

WELCOME FRIENDS! Christeen and I are so excited to connect!

If you’re new to Christeen, she is a highly-respected author in the business and marketing space.

Below you will find options for how you can support Christeen’s launch… and it’s MY job to make sure we come up with creative opportunities for YOU to get a lot more exposure for your business during her launch because my #1 priority as a Book Launch Director is to create powerful win-wins.

FIRST, I’d like you to really understand the concepts in the book, so please take a few minutes and watch this video to learn what Christeen’s Profit First For Lawn Care And Landscape Businesses book is all about:

A Message From Christeen

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How This Launch Relates To You...

We know it’s YOU that business owners need most. If we arm you with the latest and most innovative information that creates business transformation then you can impact a greater amount of individuals. If there’s one thing to know about Christeen, she’s rooted in total goodness.

For now, we have one small ask: Bookmark this page (you’ll want to keep coming back to it!) and keep your eyes open for email communication from me.

I highly respect your time, so I won’t send you unnecessary updates, but you will want to be alert when I send you time-sensitive opportunities that allow you to WIN through our launch process. More to come!

Amber Vilhauer
Book Launch Director

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We are working hard to systematize several options for your involvement including live streaming, podcasting, viral activities and more. Amber will notify you when all options are available for your review!

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Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses is an essential read for anyone in the landscaping industry. With her 20+ years of accounting experience and the Profit First Principles, Christeen Era shows you the proven path to increase profitability in your company so you can pay yourself first. #PFFLandscaping


If you chase revenue in your landscaping business, you’ll never increase profitability. Instead, you need to focus on effective cash management. Allow Christeen Era to show you the steps to take to achieve that with her new book, Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses. #PFFLandscaping


Christeen Era’s new book is such a comprehensive and actionable guide to increasing profits in your landscaping company. This is a must-read if you want to grow your business, pay yourself first, and free up your schedule. #PFFLandscaping


Effective cash management is the key to profiting wildly in your lawn care and landscaping business, while still paying taxes, bills, and other expenses. In her new book, Christeen Era reveals her proven strategies that you can implement in your own company to do just that. Check it out here: #PFFLandscaping


Do you want to pay yourself well, and pay yourself first in your lawn care and landscaping company? Then you need to read Christeen Era’s new book, Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscaping Businesses! It shows you the steps you need to take to increase your profit margins to 30%+ and build a more fulfilling business and life. #PFFLandscaping


Christeen Era has expertly taken the Profit First Principles and applied them to the landscaping industry in her new book. If you want to pay yourself first in your own business, get this book:


Want to increase the profits in your lawn care and landscaping company? Then you need to check out Christeen Era’s new book:


Landscaping businesses have the potential to produce 30%-35% profit margins. Christeen Era will show you how to reach that potential in her brand new book. Check it out:

Email #1 – Longer Form

Subject Line Ideas:

  • You’re too focused on revenue.
  • Here’s why you’re not profiting…
  • The Solution To Low Profitability

Body Copy:


You’re too focused on increasing revenue in your lawn care and landscape business.

It sounds counterintuitive, but chasing revenue doesn’t address your real problem; lack of profitability.

When you lack profitability, you’re forever working long, stressful hours away from your family, and never seeing any significant profits go into your pocket; it’s fruitless!

The solution is effective cash management, and my good friend Christeen Era will show you exactly how to do it in her new book “Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses”.

==> Learn Effective Cash Management To Pay Yourself Well And Pay Yourself First

Christeen is a certified Profit First Professional, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and the co-founder of the Green Profit Academy (GPA): a company supporting lawn care and landscape businesses with courses, small-group coaching, and more.

Over the last 20 years, she has learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to increasing profitability.

Combining her experience with Mike Michalowicz’s world-famous Profit First System, Christeen will show you how to produce profit margins of 30%+ in your business, so you can:

  • Pay yourself first.
  • Liberate yourself from the endless hours of stressful grinding.
  • Help more people in your community with your services.
  • Reliably and confidently scale your business.
  • Have more time to enjoy your profits with your family.

The strategies and action steps to achieve all this can be found in her new book.

==> Learn Effective Cash Management To Pay Yourself Well And Pay Yourself First

You CAN profit first while still paying bills, investing in your business, and spending quality time with your loved ones.

You don’t have to be a humble business owner who just “gets by” in life; you can do so much more.

All you have to do is click here to order your copy of Christeen’s book and take action on what she teaches.

You’ve got this!


Email #2 – Shorter Form

Subject Line Ideas:

  • Exact Strategies To Increase Profits!
  • Turn your landscaping biz into a money-making dream.
  • How To Profit, Scale, and Grow Your Landscaping Company!

Body Copy:


Do you want to increase the profitability of your lawn care and landscape company?

Then listen up!

My good friend Christeen Era just wrote an amazing new book to show you how to do just that using effective cash management.

It’s called Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses, and it teaches you the exact strategies you need to transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making dream.

Based on her 20+ years of accountancy and consultancy experience, and the world-famous Profit First Principles of Mike Michalowicz, you will learn:

  • What profit actually is, plus how to understand it.
  • The four lawn care and landscape business models.
  • How to move beyond bank balance accounting (and stop reacting to your cash).
  • Which accounts you need to effectively grow your profit.
  • And much more.

==> Order Your Copy Of Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses Today!

These principles have been used by thousands of businesses in multiple industries to help entrepreneurs increase their personal profits, grow their companies, and free up their schedules.

Now Christeen is teaching business owners like you how to apply that powerful information to the landscaping industry to achieve similar results.

If you want more time to spend with your loved ones; if you want to scale your company and serve more people in your community; if you’re done with the tedious, long hours chasing revenue with no results, then this book is for you.

==> Order Your Copy Of Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Businesses Today!

You can join the conversation about this incredible book on social media using #PFFLandscaping.

Best of luck with your profitability journey!








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